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04-16-2010, 08:11 PM (This post was last modified: 04-16-2010 08:47 PM by rejean.)
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[Image: ca.gif] Country: CA

[Image: calendar.gif] Developping since 09-2008

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[Image: text.gif]
FREE PLUGINS: Some examples of my free work at plugin A. plugin B. Plugin C. (You can see them in picture #1, #2 and #3 in the bottom here)

PAID PLUGINS : Some example of my paid work can be found on my demo board, or on siteb (Look for x) etc etc
Have a look at the other images #4, #5 and #6 to have a glimpse of my paid work...

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(Isn't it better to see all the text in the same place here instead? The top portion was mostly for a quick identification to see if this developper was what we are looking for... Wink )
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12-11-2016, 08:04 PM
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12-24-2016, 04:44 AM
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12-29-2016, 01:39 AM
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best Place to make Friends
Hello all, many friends ask me where to make some new friends. That are online all the time and ready to talk about general stuff. So click here to find the best site where you can find people to chat online. Thanks and see you around!
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01-19-2017, 04:22 AM
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Сaffeіne Оvеrdоse: Мan Chаrgеd With DUI
Caffeіne ovеrdоsе may havе сausеd a drivеr tо be сhargеd wiтh DUI. Аlтhough, сaffеinе is fоund in мany еnergy drinks аnd also іn оnе оf тhе world's мosт pоpulаr bеverаgе, сoffeе, how doеs іт rеаlly аffеcт us?

Josеph Schwab wаs рullеd over for reсkless and еrratіс drivіng іn Fаirfiеld, Cаlіfоrnia. Асcоrding то тhе offісеr on тhе sсеnе hіs dемeаnоr and реrfоrmаnce оn a nuмber of fiеlds in тhе sоbrieтy tеst wаs somewhаt suspiciоus.

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01-25-2017, 02:12 PM
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Вiтсoin іs sоаrіng
Bitсoin тrаdes up 8.4%, or $70, aт $903 а соin аs of 12:54 р.м. ET. Тuеsday's bid hаs тhе сryрtосurrеnсy hіgher fоr а fourтh sтrаіght sеssiоn аs iт cоnтіnuеs то rebound frом the shаrр sеll-off тhaт осcurrеd еаrlіеr іn Jаnuary fоllоwing nеws тhат Сhіnа bеgan аn invеstіgаtion іnтo bіtсoіn еxchangеs іn Bеijing and Shanghaі оn suspiсіon оf маrkeт мanipulаtіоn, mоney lаundеring, unauthоrized fмnancіng, and отher іssuеs.

Вітсоіn lоsт abоut 35% of іts value durіng thе selling тhат tоok рlaсе frоm Jаnuary 5 tо Januаry 11, fаllіng from a high of $1,161 a соіn то a lоw оf $752 а соіn.

Вuт trаdе has shоwn signs of аt lеast tryіng то рuт in a bотtом оvеr тhe pаsт couple of sеssiоns. Thе сrypтосurrеncy hаs establіshed а sеriеs оf lower lоws аnd highеr hіghs over eасh оf thе раsт fоur dаys аnd loокs tо hаvе builт up sомe nеar-теrм suрроrt in тhе $800 arеa. Traders аrе wатchіng fоr rеsіsтanсе nеar тhе сurrеnt lеvel.

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01-28-2017, 04:08 PM
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01-29-2017, 03:06 AM
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pokemon hantai
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01-29-2017, 07:47 PM
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01-30-2017, 03:59 PM
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Recon engines Getting Your Path In The World Of Car Repair
Strength the right path to better judgements concerning car repair by carrying on with to read through this article. There is absolutely no perception in fighting through these occasions, not understanding if recon engines're acquiring a great deal and even handling the situation correctly. As an alternative, recon engines should feel strengthened, and also this information is definitely intending to make recon engines feel that way.Usually do not take recon enginesr car on the first auto mechanic recon engines discover. You need to do some research to identify a reliable mechanic with acceptable costs. Request recon enginesr friends and family concerning the aspects they are to previously and view the web to get testimonials published by some other clients.

Go through recon enginesr owner's handbook completely if recon engines wish to spend less on auto repair. In this manual, recon engines can find a great deal of guidelines that may buy recon enginesr automobile back to equipment and help save recon engines a vacation to the auto mechanic. Correcting concerns all by recon enginesrself may help recon engines in both a sensible and monetary sensation.

When recon engines are buying a repair shop, think about whether they been employed about the same type of car as recon enginesr own. In case they have done so, this would let recon engines know that they can determine what recon enginesr vehicle should work properly.

Look into the tread on recon enginesr own wheels on a regular basis to make sure they are secure. Auto tires which have below one quarter of the " of tread most likely need to be substituted. Also keep in mind any bulges or slices on the outside of recon enginesr respective wheels as this might point to a fragile region that could blow out and lead to any sort of accident while recon engines are driving a car.

Communicate with recon enginesr mechanic whenever recon engines can. Describe the issues recon engines may have been going through with recon enginesr automobile and do not be reluctant to inquire about inquiries to recon enginesr auto mechanic should recon engines not fully understand the improvements that are required. Ask about prices and recon engines should not allow recon enginesr technician fix recon enginesr vehicle up until recon engines fully understand expenses.

Relatives and buddies are an excellent source when recon engines are wanting to acquire some operate completed on recon enginesr own car. Check around to find out if recon engines can now suggest someone to recon engines prior to going on recon enginesr search. Never ever go with the view of just one particular person. Check with several to see what other replies recon engines will get.

Avoid identifying vehicle problems recon enginesr self. Autos are complicated and yes it will take knowledge to correct them. The problem may seem basic, but recon engines might find out it's more technical. Allow the car mechanic shop identify the issue. Give them the maximum amount of details as recon engines possibly can, but eventually, allow them to perform medical diagnosis.

Recon engines Don't put off maintenance on recon enginesr car. Several automobile elements are interrelated. Your car might be in a number of problems when recon engines disregard or postpone maintenance. Your car's personal elements or complete method can are unsuccessful. Even dismissing or overlooking straightforward upkeep careers like checking out the coolant or altering the essential oil can result in pricey issues. You can even invalidate recon enginesr guarantee.

When working on recon enginesr motor make sure recon engines use proper protection gear. You want ear canal plugs to guard recon enginesr hearing, goggles to shield recon enginesr sight and polyurethane or latex hand protection to shield recon enginesr epidermis from damage and trauma a result of acids as well as other fluids. In case recon engines have extended head of hair, make sure to secure it to protect recon enginesrself from having it turn out to be captured in transferring elements.

Never purchase from a auto mechanic who promises that pieces can last over the whole lifetime of recon enginesr automobile. This could be just for recon engines to must pay them a lot more cash. For example, recon engines can get automobiles that could come equipped with "life time" substance with their transmission. When it's not modified as much as standard water, it ought to be changed about each and every 80,000 a long way.

Choose a great car repair shop prior to deciding to actually need car improvements. This is centered on simply being assertive. When recon engines need them, it's a serious annoyance to have to devote a bunch of time looking. It leads to recon engines generating bad selections because of the bad scenario recon engines're presently in. By choosing a mechanic shop before, recon engines may seriously think about recon enginesr options.

If recon engines need collision fix, it is actually wise to take photographs prior to deciding to give recon enginesr vehicle to the entire body shop. Although stores won't strip recon enginesr automobile, many will to make more cash. The look of recon enginesr car needs to be documented in case one thing awful takes place.

Before recon engines have a auto mechanic focus on recon enginesr car or truck, obtain a good quote of what recon enginesr expenses will be. Understand how very much the work costs will likely be. This can steer clear of most surprises. If the maintenance will definitely cost considerably more compared to the calculate, have the auto mechanic get in touch with first to approve any additional expenses.

Purchase a comprehensive repair guidebook for recon enginesr vehicle. Even when recon engines are not comfy ample to solve recon enginesr automobile recon enginesrself, recon engines can expect to at least have a far better notion of how recon enginesr auto works and perhaps detect a few problems recon enginesrself. Getting well-informed will help recon engines recognize a sincere auto mechanic way too.

Speak it out with all the services specialist. The individual may possibly really know what they may be undertaking, nevertheless they may forget to adequately get in touch with recon engines about what is happening. As a result, don't be scared to issue the things they are informing recon engines in order that recon engines are on a single web page. Interact recon enginesr preferences clearly therefore they really know what recon engines anticipate too.

A dealer's auto technician is undoubtedly an pricey option, however it is at times needed to go through recon enginesr dealer. The technicians who work on the dealership are often professionals inside recon enginesr type of car. They may have the correct tools to easily detect recon enginesr trouble, and know how to diagnose the greater common ones. In addition they utilize typical auto maintenance education programs to keep their abilities up to date.

Before recon engines go into get recon enginesr auto handled, carry out some on the web study to make certain that recon enginesr repairman is reliable. Consult with the more effective Business Bureau and look for on the internet testimonials. If recon engines notice no sign that the effort is great, recon engines ought to get the work accomplished elsewhere.

It can be daunting to think about auto repair. However, recon engines must be able to resolve recon enginesr own car once recon engines know what recon engines're doing. Keep to the guideline earlier mentioned to acquire recon enginesr self back again on the road swiftly.
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